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Why Leading Merchants Choose OLS Payments: Increased Functionality and Simplified Connectivity

Since its launch in 1996, OLS Payments has built long-term relationships with top retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial and technology providers globally. Our goal is to help merchants process existing and emerging payments in the simplest, most secure and cost-effective way.

As a leading partner for global payments, OLS Payments offers software and services that empower clients to create payment ecosystems of the future. Merchants choose us because they can leverage one of the most powerful omnichannel payments orchestration engines in the industry to increase functionality and simplify payments complexity.


OLS Payments Increases Functionality

In an industry where technology is rapidly innovating, merchants and their partners struggle with keeping up with value-added vendor services and staying current with compliance mandates. This is especially challenging as businesses look for ways to provide omnichannel services that meet consumer demand.

That’s why OLS Payments is offering a powerful, flexible solution that provides merchants with access to the latest payments capabilities, including new payments types, vendor services, enhanced security and increased data access. Using OLS Payments, merchants can now deploy new payments functionality, including the most recent tokenization and encryption security updates, faster than ever before to their payments systems. Our technologies are available both as hosted or on-premise solutions, depending on each merchant’s unique requirements.

OLS Payments Simplifies Payments Connectivity

With OLS Payments, merchants can enjoy a broader range of acquirer and third-party service provider relationships and choose the best-in-class providers that work best for their business. Regardless of the existing acquirer relationship, we support acceptance of various payment methods, including alternative options like PayPal, Venmo, Alipay and Flexa. The OLS Payments platform simplifies the connectivity to these payment networks, and we also have the product expertise that will help merchants enable their POS devices for these new QR code based payment types.  

Additionally, OLS Payments helps orchestrate existing and emerging payments in the most simple way. Sitting between the point of purchase and a payments processor, our solutions empower merchants to attain an expansive payments ecosystem and connect data across channels, creating limitless connections.

Leverage Our Enhanced Payments Solution Today

Our flexible and scalable solution, combined with its limitless connections, is why more than 70,000 merchant locations worldwide are relying on us to expand their payments capabilities and reduce their management burden. With complex payments simply managed, your team is able to focus on providing a great customer experience. Learn more about the OLS Payments Enhanced Payments Solution, or get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business add functionality and connectivity to your payments.