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Why Leading Merchants Choose OLS Payments: Enhanced Security, Cost Savings and Flexibility

For more than 20 years, we’ve worked hard to solve our customers’ challenges and helped them stay at the forefront of emerging payments technology. We understand merchants’ biggest payments challenges and look for solutions that add value to their businesses.

Recently, we shared a blog about how OLS Payments helps businesses add functionality and connectivity to their payments capabilities. Today, we’ll take a look at three other reasons why leading merchants choose OLS Payments as their payments orchestration solution – enhanced security, cost savings and flexibility. These are all key factors that are crucial to the success of a company and can make or break the bottom line.

OLS Payments Enhances Security

At a time when data breaches are becoming commonplace, it’s more important than ever for merchants to deploy technologies and services that protect customer information and insulate their systems from the risk of data theft.

Whether merchants are looking for a PCI-validated P2PE solution or they want the added security of tokenization and vaulting, OLS Payments is here to ensure the highest security for every transaction. Our platform fully complies with the latest PCI and PA-DSS requirements, allowing merchants to reduce their PCI scope and protect their payment systems quickly and easily.

Additionally, OLS Payments provides access to the latest in encryption and tokenization technology. With a payments tokenization system in place, merchants can keep sensitive customer data out of their payments systems, safeguarding their business and improving end-to-end security.

OLS Payments Provides Cost Savings

Processors are looking to recover lost revenue from compressed interchange margin. As a result, they are turning to ancillary services such as tokenization and encryption. However, the problem for merchants is that these services are built to increase the stickiness of the relationship. They are also often more expensive than services provided by third-party providers, increasing the overall cost burden for businesses.

OLS Payments provides an alternative and helps merchants save money over processor-provided solutions by offering a more flexible solution at a lower cost. Our customers can manage increasing transaction volumes with a lower total cost of acceptance, driving significant savings to their bottom line.

As well, merchants can cost-effectively deploy the tech they need by bundling our products and services into a full omnichannel payment orchestration and security solution or by choosing one or more solutions that best fit their unique business needs. According to Mercator Advisory Group, “The OLS [Payments] technology and support organizations were designed specifically to align with the operational needs of merchants. The platform implementation has tokenization and encryption built into its core architecture which, when properly installed, can significantly reduce costs associated with maintaining compliance.”

OLS Payments Offers Flexibility

There are many solutions available that require merchants to unwind all their existing encryption keys or tokens. This means that if a merchant ever changes systems, they often must start over and ask customers to re-register their payment method, risking customer loyalty.

At OLS Payments, we aim to provide merchants exceptional flexibility. When merchants who have deployed our tokenization solution switch processors, they don’t have to worry about these unnecessary headaches. Instead, they maintain ownership of their tokens and the token vault. As a result, merchants can engage and integrate with different merchants, from delivery services and order ahead, to fraud detection, bill pay and data analytics. We allow merchants to utilize the providers that they feel add the most value to their enterprise.

Take Advantage of the OLS Payments Difference Today

As you can see, OLS Payments is committed to helping orchestrate existing and emerging payments in the most secure, flexible and cost-effective way. We’re here to help businesses succeed by enabling expansive payment ecosystems for all forms of payments commerce; delivering and enhancing the full range of capabilities our partners need, while simplifying and streamlining the entire process.

Want to learn more about the OLS Payments family of payments orchestration solutions and services? Contact us and we’d be happy to find ways to improve your bottom line today.