Powerful and flexible technology to protect cardholder data. OLS Tokenization is available as part of an OLS.Switch deployment or as a stand-alone solution. No matter your current tokenization situation, OLS can support it, help you migrate from it or help you add it.

OLS Tokenization supports all of these use cases and more...

Card On File /
Mobile Wallets

Provides convenience for customers by letting them store payments for later use.

Subscriptions and
Recurring Billing

Secure and convenient management for automatic and recurring payments

Permanent Tokens


Replace the PAN and reuse the token as often as necessary.

Supplied or Generated Tokens

Supplied or
Generated Tokens

Utilize existing or third party provided tokens or let our system generate them for you.

Supports Token Per Transaction

Supports Token
Per Transaction

Generate a token for each transaction where no storage is needed.

PCI Compliant Encryption for Data Storage

PCI Compliant

When data storage is needed, we apply fully compliant encryption to insure security.