I need to process complex transactions simultaneously
from a variety of applications or systems.

Our dynamic switch engine governs everything that must happen from when a transaction is initiated to when it is completed, 
regardless of where or how it originates. This comprehensive solution insulates its users from the common complexities 
surrounding payment transactions like information form, format, communication protocol, data encryption and more.


I want to be able to offer loyalty programs for my customers, so I can promote brand loyalty and reach new customers through targeted promotions.

Loyalty is a suite of applications developed for any organization that wants to build stronger customer relationships while attracting 
new business through various loyalty programs, like electronic coupons or targeted promotional programs.


I'd like to bring together my in-store and online payment systems.

Gateway is a payment transaction platform and suite of services designed for merchants that conduct the majority of their business online or without traditional POS terminals and card readers. This service is far simpler than a virtual terminal application and includes:


I need a solution for when transactions can’t be completed 
due to problems like authorization system outages.

When transactions cannot be completed due to authorization system outages or other problems, Switch Bridge functions as a provisional processor and performs store-and-forward and user-defined stand-in processing capability, so you’re never down.


I want to save money on disbursing payments to suppliers, 
contractors employees, stakeholders and more.

ACH is a hosted online application designed to simplify and reduce the costs associated with disbursing payments, saving you money on associated direct labor costs and helping you eliminate expensive — often inflexible — third-party processors.


I need to offer EMV payment solutions, and I’d like to offer new payment methods including contactless, as well.

OLS offers support of EMV payments for contact and contactless chip technologies. We support EMV payments 
initiated at the point of sale and will provide this data to payment authorization endpoints.


I want to improve fraud protection and overall security of my payments system.

Vault allows merchants to process payment transactions using substitute card values as 
opposed to card numbers, improving fraud protection and overall security.


I need transaction processing capabilities specifically created for pharmacies.

Pharmacy is a set of applications and transaction routing capabilities designed for free-standing.


I need an expert to help me find the right e-commerce solution for my business.

With some of the finest and most experienced transaction processing professionals in the industry, we can help you find the right e-commerce solution for your organization. By meeting with our experienced experts, we can help you reap the benefits of innovative payment processing technologies and implement new business visions quickly and cost effectively.