Enhanced Payments Solutions

Our Enhanced Payments Solution (EPS), is a software-based payment and transaction technology that helps retailers greatly simplify their infrastructure. Make one connection to EPS and let us handle all of the other connections you need, including ones previously not possible due to costs, technology or expertise.



  • Connect systems that won’t usually communicate
  • Consolidate multiple platform connections into one
  • Build a true omni-channel experience for your customers



  • Runs in any environment that supports Java VM
  • Easily configured and tuned to meet customer needs
  • Processes transactions from the most simple to exceptionally complex with ease



  • Runs on state-of-the-art hardware and software
  • Proven track record of solid uptime metrics
  • PCI and PA-DSS certified
  • Deployments of over 14 years of continuous use



Connect nearly any payment or payment adjacent system, consolidate platforms or get access to new payment innovations through one connection to us.

Payment Options

Utilize any existing payment options, including credit/debit, gift, store-value or prepaid cards, alternative payments, and quickly implement the next wave of payment innovation.

Built-in Security

Whether it’s P2PE, E2EE, PCI and PA-DSS certifications, or the latest application security techniques, we go the extra mile to protect your data.

Deployment Options

Since our licensed product runs on a wide range of environments, it’s likely we can deploy in your existing environment. Or, let us host it for you.

Issue & Manage

We give you the tools you need to issue and manage your own gift, store-value and prepaid cards.

Consolidate Platforms

Our solutions can help you reduce the number of connection points your system has to make. In fact, it could be reduced to one connection to us.

Reduced Costs

We help you simplify your payment infrastructure which leads to big potential savings in personnel and technology.

Speed to Market

Add new features, payment options and other technologies more quickly than ever before.


  • Lower cost alternative to legacy processors
  • Increases functionality and flexibility
  • Improves control, security and speed of payments
  • Compatible with loyalty/rewards programs
  • Drives customer satisfaction and retention
  • Competitive advantage
  • Easily add/change authorization networks

Build a True Omni-Channel Experience

Let us help you bring them all together