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How Payment Orchestration Solves Merchant Needs

Electronic payment processing is complex and risk-inducing. Not only are pieced-together or siloed systems and bolted-on applications frustrating, but the costs of disjointed applications, data security management, and scale can all add up to hit the business’ bottom line. Merchants need a payments solution that will help them improve the customer experience, lower costs, remove complexities, and scale efficiently. Payment orchestration from OLS Payments simplifies and streamlines payment processing with a solution that cuts cost, enhances security, enables efficiency, and helps businesses prepare for the future.

Our modular design makes our payment solutions flexible and streamlined to handle the changing payment environment, allowing merchants to seize growth opportunities and prepare for the future while delivering exceptional customer experiences. With over 25 years of experience in payment orchestration and card data security, our expertise is unmatched in the industry.

Payment orchestration, which has developed through years of helping our partners overcome complex electronic processing challenges, can integrate multiple channel inputs, both in-store and digital. This can happen while harmonizing that data with your multiple new and existing processors and third-party service providers. Payments orchestration provides merchants an omnichannel payments solution that expands your payment capabilities while also shifting management of payment complexity to us.

What is payment orchestration?
Payments orchestration simplifies and streamlines payment processing by unifying various systems, including reconciliation, settlements, and reporting, under one flexible and efficient solution. With OLS Payments, merchants can lower the overall cost of payments acceptance, reduce the impact of data breaches and compliance, and provide a great customer experience at checkout.

How Does Payment Orchestration Work?

Payment orchestration is an agnostic omnichannel payments engine that adapts and simplifies payment acceptance. The OLS solution operates on every major platform and as a hosted solution. It can even run with some components on-premise and others in the cloud.

Payments orchestration standardizes the connection between your point of sale to one destination. The OLS platform can accept transactions from multiple inputs, such as POS terminals, mPOS, and digital. OLS can then transform the messages as the merchant or processor requires and deliver payment messages to the endpoint, for example, processors, issuers, fraud detection, and data analytics platforms. The OLS platform can manage almost any data structure or transaction size, capable of handling extensive messages as per industry standards.

Payment orchestration can reduce the work needed by IT teams to enable new payments and the effort to keep up with payments mandates related to PCI and compliance. A payment orchestration solution’s additional functionality includes security, tokenization and encryption, event logging, store and forward, and robust reporting.

The modular design of the OLS solution enables tailored solutions based on capacity needs and the specific needs of your customer journey, making it flexible and efficient to scale. Modularity means flexibility, cost savings, and efficiency, allowing merchants to enable only what they need when they need it. These tailored solutions aim not only to solve your challenges today but are future-ready.

Payments Orchestration Solves Merchant Needs

For payment solutions, merchants want a partner that can offer them security, 100% uptime, multiple payment channels, innovation, high transaction volume, and specialized routing. Payment orchestration from OLS Payments can provide merchants with solutions to each of these needs:

  • Security: Security of cardholder and sensitive data
  • Continual Availability: Always on and engaged in heavy commerce activity
  • Go To Market – Multiple Channels: Multiple distribution and promotional opportunities
  • Innovation: Adapting to and influencing the marketplace, offering new services and products, with improved speed to market for new features and payments
  • High Transaction Volume: Total transaction values $100m+ and/or 25m+ transactions need to be supported
  • Specialized Routing: Need for accommodating multiple payment methods and/or acquirers, effortless multi-processor functionality, and routing

A payments orchestration partner helps merchants reduce the costs and resources required to manage payment systems, shifting the management of payment complexity to OLS. Payment orchestration from OLS is a cost-effective payment management solution with the combined power of switching, routing, and a robust payment gateway.

Start Your Journey Toward Best-In-Class Payments

To maintain a competitive advantage, merchants need a fully-integrated and tailored payments system that enhances transaction security, provides an omnichannel customer experience and adds financial services solutions. OLS Payments is a payments orchestration partner bolstered by some of America’s most well-known Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Learn how OLS Payments can help you with a tailored solution that provides access to the latest payments capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Payment orchestration is an agnostic omnichannel payments engine that adapts and simplifies payment processing.
  • Payment orchestration is a solution that enhances security, enables efficiency, and helps businesses prepare for the future.
  • With OLS Payments, merchants can lower costs, remove complexities, scale efficiently, and provide a great customer experience.
  • OLS Payments provides merchants with a tailored solution to access the latest payments capabilities.