In recent conversations with merchants they are often dealing with one or more of the following situations. A provider that either cannot provide something they need, their timeline to deploy it is lengthy, the solution is very expensive, or the solution would lock the retailer into the relationship with the provider. In addition, their IT resources are already overburdened, so dedicating time to work with a provider is problematic at best. At OLS Payments, we have decades of experience helping merchants fix or avoid nearly all of these pain points. Let’s take a look at how we can help address each one.

Unable to Provide/Lengthy Deployment
Every organization has a roadmap of products and services that they will add or develop. However, some of these organizations aren’t built to quickly adjust their roadmap to accommodate new, in demand offerings. This can be due to legacy architecture that requires much more development to integrate a third-party provider or can be due to a lack of resources/expertise needed to build the product or service in-house. At OLS Payments, we began with the mindset of continuous iteration, always being prepared to pivot as necessary to meet the needs of existing and future customers. The architecture of our licensed or hosted software was built with this flexibility in mind and has allowed us to quickly integrate new offerings quickly and effectively.

Expensive Solutions
Here, our philosophy is one of longevity. From the outset of our journey, we’ve always taken the approach of a holistic view of our customer relationships. If we can provide the solutions our customers need; provide responsive, effective and continuous support; and leverage internal efficiencies that allow us to price our services very competitively, then we stand a much greater chance of maintaining our customer relationships over the long term. We believe these are some of the reasons why OLS has never lost a customer to a competitor.

Getting Locked In
It’s one thing to have a long-term business relationship because you are completely satisfied with your provider, but have you ever held on to a relationship simply because of the cost in time and effort it would take to change? Once again, our software, platforms, products, services, and customer support are all geared to the idea of building long-term relationships built on mutual benefit. That’s why, for example, our tokenization service is built so that you own the tokens.

Strained resources
Many of the merchants with whom we engage find themselves managing an increasingly complex payments infrastructure with increasingly limited resources. Meanwhile, various websites report that in 2020 and beyond there will be a pronounced shortage of development professionals needed to fill the open needs of U.S. businesses. Further, those engineers with payments experience are even more scarce. So, adding additional work to a merchant’s development bottleneck is something to be avoided. What our customers find is that by utilizing our platform and services, they are able to shift the management of payment complexity over to OLS and relieve some of the stress on their internal resources while reducing overall cost.

Over our more than 20-year history, OLS Payments has maintained our focus on fulfilling the needs of merchants. Doing so allows us the flexibility to work with nearly any processor, bank, fraud management service or any other third-party provider. It also allows us to adapt our products and services to nearly any merchant’s payment ecosystem. We can offer a single service like tokenization and vaulting or encryption, all the way up to a full payments-as-a-service platform that allows us to manage the merchant’s complete payment infrastructure. If you’re a merchant facing one or more of these issues, contact us today! We’d love to schedule some time to bring our experts together with yours to formulate a treatment to your payment pains.