Expand Your Customer Base With Alternative Payment Solutions-OLS Payments

Expand Your Customer Base With Alternative Payment Solutions

For most merchants, getting paid is intrinsic to the success of their business. While how merchants handle payments was once a relatively straightforward process, now, customers have increased flexibility in how they choose to pay. Although…
Why You Should Include Emerging and Alternative Payments In Your Payment System-OLS Payments

Why You Should Include Emerging and Alternative Payments In Your Payment System

Today’s consumers expect merchants to do more, specifically in the form of offering them access to a variety of payment methods. With more than half of Americans already using contactless payments, that number continues to grow year-over-year…
2021 Turkey Five Payment Prep

Your 2021 “Turkey Five” Payments Prep Recipe

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Americans across the country will soon be feasting on turkey, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. In preparation, families bring out their favorite recipes to share with loved ones and get all the ingredients they need for a successful Thanksgiving. And retailers need to do the same.

Thanksgiving kicks off the five biggest shopping days of the year – the Turkey Five. Ahead of the big event, retailers must have their payments processes in place to handle numerous transactions and ensure that security breaches don’t “wreak havoc in the kitchen.”

grocery receipt

Top Three Payments Considerations for Grocers

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Fueled by the pandemic, the entire grocery industry is evolving rapidly to offer shoppers faster, easier and safer ways to buy groceries. According to McKinsey, “Powerful trends, including new competitive pressures, technological advances, and evolving consumer attitudes and behaviors, will disrupt the grocery business from coast to coast in the next few years.”

Grocers adapt to changing consumers’ needs by evaluating payments processes and technology to ensure they’re driving a frictionless experience. Whether grocers realize it or not, payments play an essential role in all parts of the shopper’s journey. As they keep up with the rapid evolution, grocers should consider three ways to enhance their payments system.

Sumit Varshney talks mPOS popularity with Payments Dive

Sumit Varshney talks SMBs and Mobile Point-of-Sale with Payments Dive

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Tap-to-phone payments are growing in popularity. Our Sumit Varshney shares three reasons why in this article at Payments Dive. Click here to read the article.