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What are the New Rules for Stored Payment Credentials?

Storing payment information for later use, which can include both a card number or payment token, streamlines the checkout process for future payments and enables one-click checkout and automatic and recurring payments. Customer expectations are higher than ever. From the ability to use specific payment types to an overall payment experience that is simplified, consistent, […]

Why Payment Environment Security Should be a Primary Consideration for any Solution

Security and data breaches pose a serious threat, potentially putting your business and customers at risk and decreasing customer trust. As fraud risks advance and become stronger, combating them can consume an increasing amount of time and resources, making payment environment security a primary concern for merchants. Technology and payment leaders know that fraud can […]

How to Fight New Payment Fraud Trends & Identify Bad Actors

Payment fraud trends are constantly evolving, and even just one fraud attack can result in financial loss and reputational damage. According to Nilson Report, credit card fraud losses reached $28.58 billion worldwide in 2020 and are anticipated to reach $49.32 billion by 2030. The United States accounts for 36 percent of global credit card fraud, […]

Simplify Market Expansion with Payment Orchestration

Companies desire to expand into new markets by capturing more market share, access to new talent, and growing revenue. In some ways, the rise of e-commerce and mobile as key components of a merchant’s payment ecosystem has simplified how businesses approach market expansion. In other ways, the rapidly evolving payments landscape has led to increasing […]

The Importance of Payment Data for Your Business

Payment data is a key driver of business efficiency. Businesses need payment system data that offers insights into customers’ behavior and allows them to pinpoint any problems in their payment process. With access to this actionable data, they can monitor and adjust their payment systems to make improvements and gain a competitive advantage. However, disparate, […]

US Payments Forum Member Meeting | November 9, 2022

If you’re going to be in Nashville for the US Payments Forum Members Meeting, we’d love to get the opportunity to meet you and share with you our latest learnings in the payments space and how OLS Payments can help your business reduce costs, enhance security, and remove complexity from your payments environment.

Prevent Payment Fraud: Your Guide to Prepare for Peak Retail 2022

Retail sales saw significant growth in 2021, with U.S. retail sales reaching $6.6 trillion, the highest recorded in a calendar year thus far. Unfortunately, rising sales mean more risk for fraud, higher returns, and increased business expenses. Moving into peak season for the retail year, we’ve curated best practices to help enterprises avoid mishaps with […]

Why an Optimized Payment Strategy is Critical

The evolution of consumer payment preferences, new technologies, and a need for enhanced transaction processing security has led to increasing complexity in the payment environment. Recent fee increases initially announced in 2020 but postponed until 2022 due to the pandemic only highlight the need for an optimized payment strategy. Merchants need a powerful, flexible solution […]

4 Benefits of a Payment Processing Partner for Franchises

Payment processing and settlements are inherently complex processes, and franchisee environments can add additional layers of complexity to the payment and settlement process. When funds for multiple franchisees are aggregated into a single ACH that is sent daily to the businesses’ corporate bank account, those funds must then be adequately accounted for and sent to […]