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Improve Your Payment Environment Security With Payments Orchestration

Keeping payment systems secure is a primary concern for merchants. Technology and  payment leaders know that fraud can happen at nearly any point in the transaction process.  Major vulnerabilities along the transaction pathway include improperly stored card  information, malware, and outdated software. As retailers seek to incorporate new payment  types, including emerging and alternative payment […]

Mitigating Card Payment Outages by Leveraging a Payments Orchestration Partner

It’s virtually impossible to predict when card payment outages may occur. Payment processing outages are typically a matter of “when,” not “if,” and as the complexity of electronic payment transactions has increased, so too have potential failure points along the transaction flow. Network issues, third-party systems latency, processor outages, and a myriad of other scenarios can […]

3 Payment Data Driven Strategies for Improving the Customer Experience

Improving the customer experience starts with treating payment data as a strategic asset. Too often, it has been overlooked and undervalued despite it being a key driver of business efficiency. Payment data provides a clear picture of customers, and their purchases, to businesses in near real-time. By understanding a customer’s spending habits and behavior, companies […]

What is Payments Orchestration?

Historically, the payment processing environment was more straightforward, but a widening array of customer payment options has made payments increasingly complex for businesses. Businesses cannot operate if they are unable to complete transactions. Quite simply, transactions with customers are integral to their success. The question then becomes, how can businesses best handle these payments? From […]

Leveraging Payment Tokens for Business Growth

Tokenization is a powerful technology businesses can use to protect and remove cardholder data from their systems. Beyond the superior security it provides, payment tokens also help companies create a true omnichannel experience, give a frictionless purchase journey from start to finish, and ultimately propel business growth. To take advantage of tokenization’s numerous benefits, businesses […]

Break the Silos of Payment Processing With Payment Orchestration

As businesses face an ever-expanding set of payment types and channels, including a wide range of specialized payment services, they may discover their overall payment system is becoming less efficient. As they continue adding new technologies and components to their payment environment, a complicated and pieced-together collection of payment processing software and systems could be […]

5 Benefits of Upgrading to Payment Orchestration

The right technology is vital for merchants to maintain a competitive advantage. From new payment types to vendor services, enhanced security to increased data access, a payment orchestration partner enables businesses to connect to new and existing processors and third-party service providers through payment orchestration. The right payment orchestration should allow merchants to seize growth […]

What are the New Rules for Stored Payment Credentials?

Storing payment information for later use, which can include both a card number or payment token, streamlines the checkout process for future payments and enables one-click checkout and automatic and recurring payments. Customer expectations are higher than ever. From the ability to use specific payment types to an overall payment experience that is simplified, consistent, […]