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Omnichannel Payment Orchestration Layer: 5 Methods to Boost Your Profits

Customer demands are raising the bar for payment expectations. Merchants need a powerful, flexible solution like a payment orchestration layer that improves the checkout experience for customers by providing access to the latest payments capabilities. A convenient and frictionless purchase journey for customers leads to an increase in conversion rates and more profits for merchants. […]

Payment Security 360: From Attestation to Tokenization

A leading challenge for merchants is managing payment security. An increasingly complex transaction flow can lead to additional security risks in many payment systems. That means cardholder data protection must be a primary concern within the payments environment. OLS understands that many merchants want to reduce or eliminate that complexity where possible rather than continue […]

How OLS Payments Simplified the Payment Settlement Process for a Major Fast-food Chain

With the highly competitive nature of the fast-food industry, business leaders must focus on process improvement and more precise ways to control and cut costs. As hungry consumers have gravitated to the ease of online food ordering, mobile ordering represents significant potential in generating additional revenue for fast-food chains and increasing complexity risk. Technology and […]

Payment Orchestration: 3 Key Ways You Can Benefit

The rapidly evolving payments landscape demonstrates a growing need for merchants to find ways to optimize their payment systems. Yet, as merchants aim to implement an ever-increasing number of payment options and capabilities, they often end up with a payments system made up of pieced-together systems and bolted-on, frustrating, and time-consuming applications. Complex and burdensome, […]

How Payment Orchestration Solves Merchant Needs

Electronic payment processing is complex and risk-inducing. Not only are pieced-together or siloed systems and bolted-on applications frustrating, but the costs of disjointed applications, data security management, and scale can all add up to hit the business’ bottom line. Merchants need a payments solution that will help them improve the customer experience, lower costs, remove […]

Top Payments Enhancements World-Class Merchants Are Adding Now

Merchants are striving to expand their payments enhancements to meet changing customer preferences. Customers increasingly prefer to use specific payment types, but they also want an overall payment experience that is simplified, consistent, and as frictionless as possible. Yet, while merchants endeavor to meet customer expectations, their efforts often result in an increasingly complex payments […]

Are These Essential Elements Missing From Your Payments Environment?

Payment systems have seen enormous growth in recent years. The acceleration of new technologies, a need for more robust security measures, and the rising adoption of alternative payments have led to a complex payments environment. Overwhelmed with the expense and burden of managing payment processing deployment and scale, many merchants may miss some essential elements […]

Alternative Payment Solutions to Expand Your Customer Base

For most merchants, getting paid is intrinsic to the success of their business. While how merchants handle payments was once a relatively straightforward process, now, customers have increased flexibility in how they choose to pay. Although this wide array of options has made payment processing complex, it also represents an enormous growth opportunity for merchants […]

Why You Need a Future-Ready Payment System

Business environments are continually evolving, whether it’s due to new technologies or shifting customer demand, and a leading way to mitigate risk is by taking proactive steps toward future-proofing. Scalability is a particularly important aspect for businesses to consider as part of their efforts to become future-ready with their payment system.  While in the ever-expanding […]

Enable Greater Payment System Security with a Next-Gen Switch Provider

Consumers want to feel confident about the security of their financial data when they make a payment transaction. With high-profile security hacks making the news fairly regularly, consumers want to know that the businesses they trust with their business have robust payment system security.  According to the Nilson Report, credit card fraud losses reached 28.58 […]