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Are These Essential Elements Missing From Your Payments Environment?

Payment systems have seen enormous growth in recent years. The acceleration of new technologies, a need for more robust security measures, and the rising adoption of alternative payments have led to a complex payments environment. Overwhelmed with the expense and burden of managing payment processing deployment and scale, many merchants may miss some essential elements from the payments environment. 

Merchants need a payments orchestration partner to help them with cost-effective and secure electronic payment processing beyond today’s needs. OLS Payments can help businesses by offering flexible solutions that provide merchants with access to the latest payments capabilities and allow them to provide a great customer experience.

How does a payments orchestration partner help improve the payments environment?

A payments orchestration partner helps merchants enhance the customer experience, lower costs, remove complexities, and scale efficiently, allowing merchants to seize growth opportunities and prepare for the future while still delivering exceptional customer experiences. OLS Payments provides merchants with a modular design that makes payment solutions flexible and streamlined to handle the changing payment environment of the future.

Essential Element #1: Enhanced Payment System Security

The rising risk of data breach occurrences and data theft poses a severe security threat to merchants, consuming significant time and resources. Cardholder data protection is an increasingly important consideration within the payments environment. Each new payment type that a merchant adds increases payment system complexity and additional security risk with it. 

OLS Payments allows merchants to accept new payment types while reducing complexity and enhancing transaction processing security. With a security-first mindset, OLS Payments provides merchants with access to enhanced security functionality, including the most recent tokenization and encryption security updates. These security features protect customer information and insulate payment systems from security risks, but they also reduce PCI scope and provide relief from breach notification. 

Essential Element #2: Enhanced Payment Solutions

As merchants endeavor to stay current with compliance mandates, integrate enhanced security and functionality, and incorporate value-added vendor services, they may rapidly find frustrated and over-burdened support staff. The struggle to stay current is precisely why merchants need enhanced payment solutions. 

The OLS Enhanced Payments Solution is a powerful, flexible, configurable, and secure platform that can integrate your eCommerce, mobile, and in-store footprints while harmonizing that data with your multiple new and existing processors and third-party service providers. This omnichannel payments solution allows merchants to:

  • Deploy new payments and functionality faster than ever before
  • Add the latest in tokenization and encryption security to your payments systems
  • Connect with the providers who add the most value to your enterprise
  • Reduce the costs and resources required to manage your systems
  • Access a wide array of additional products and services

Essential Element #3: Stored Value Solutions

Acquiring new customers is expensive, and instead of attracting new customers, merchants would be better off considering how they can generate higher revenue from existing customers. Stored value solutions are indispensable additions to the payments environment for enhancing a merchant’s suite of retail products, increasing the number of times a customer visits the merchant’s store, and ultimately, helping to increase revenue. These point-of-sale transactions may include in-lane bill pay, gift cards, and general-purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid cards. 

OLS Payments pulls together expertise from both the gift card activation end, through its integration with InComm, and the payment end to provide merchants with solutions that allow them to offer services and products to customers that are beneficial and increase engagement.  

Bespoke Solutions For Your Payments Environment

The right technology is vital for merchants to maintain a competitive advantage. The modular design of the OLS solution enables customized solutions based on capacity needs and the specific needs of your customer journey, making it flexible and efficient to scale. Modularity means flexibility, cost savings, and efficiency, allowing merchants to only enable what they need when needed.

OLS Payments provides merchants with fully-integrated and customized solutions, ending wasted time and frustration caused by pieced together or siloed systems. The OLS solution operates on every major platform and as a hosted solution. It can even operate with some components on-premise and others in the cloud. The OLS platform can manage almost any data structure or transaction size, capable of handling very large messages, as per industry standards. These customized solutions not only aim to solve your challenges today but are future-ready.

Adding Essential Elements to Your Payments Environment With an Orchestration Partner

To maintain a competitive advantage, merchants need a fully integrated and customized payments system that enhances transaction security, provides an omnichannel customer experience, and adds financial services solutions. Contact us today to learn how OLS Payments can help you implement a payments solution that is flexible, future-ready, and enables cost-effective scale.

Key Takeaways

  • Merchants need a payments system that enhances transaction security, provides an omnichannel customer experience, and adds financial services solutions. 
  • Overwhelmed with the burden of payment processing management, merchants may miss some essential elements of the payments environment.
  • Merchants need a payments orchestration partner who can help them with payment processing beyond today’s needs.     
  • OLS Payments provides merchants with fully integrated and customized solutions for the payments environment.