The OLS Story

OLS Payments began operations in 1996 with a customer-centric goal of providing better production support for transaction processing. Our relentless drive to create innovative solutions led to the creation of our payments platform in 2004. We quickly became an industry leader in payment technology, and the platform became the foundation from which all of other our services operate. We proudly offer customers the ability to host numerous value-added applications and integrate various forms of electronic payment.

In 2012, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of InComm Payments®, a leading prepaid product and transaction services company. The acquisition allows us to leverage the deep network and services that InComm provides as we continually expand the reach of the OLS Payments brand.

By The Numbers

  • 26+ Years of Expertise
  • Connections to 10 of the Top 20 Retailers
  • 10s of Millions of Transactions Processed Daily

Business Unit Leadership

<center>Andy Orrock</center>

Andy Orrock

VP, Software Engineering

For more than 30 years, Andy Orrock has created and been chief operator for innovative enterprise-class payment systems for Fortune 500 retailers. As Vice President of Software Engineering, Andy oversees the strategic direction, development and operation of the processing systems that OLS provides. He’s been chief architect of a number of OLS services holding a patent for a bridge service designed to maximize uptime for retailers. Prior to OLS, Andy held positions at Tosco and S2 Systems.

A Boston native, Andy and his wife have called Dallas home now for more than 30 years. He is a fan of print media and still reads 3 printed versions of newspapers every morning.

<center>Sumit Varshney</center>

Sumit Varshney

VP, Sales and Marketing

Sumit Varshney joined the OLS Payments family in 2020 and serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Sumit has over 15 years of experience in the retail, banking and real-time enterprise payment industries. He has lead Operations, Service Management, Operations Support and Infrastructure teams, ensuring the highest standards are upheld for technical architecture changes and new projects. Prior to joining OLS, Sumit ran the Retail Technology for the North American business of Walgreens Boots Alliance.

<center>Ron Barker</center>

Ron Barker

Application Delivery Director

Ron Barker began leading OLS Payments business development and technical project management functions in early 2010. He provides a wealth of experience in online transaction processing gained over his 30+ year career which includes more than 20 years at ACI Worldwide. Ron has served as software design engineer, product architect, and manager / director for multiple payments based products. He has worked closely with many of the largest banks in the world helping to ensure their vision, as well as their business, operational and technical requirements were understood and fulfilled.

He is the go-to professional for all things “project” at OLS, working closely with customers and prospects to define winning business and technology strategies, and then fine-tuning the resultant project management plans to ensure on-time, on-budget performance and significant, measurable operational results. He is also the architect and product owner of OLS’ Merchant ACH Settlement System.

Ron and this team are focused on Credit, Debit and EBT Transaction processing products for many US Customers and specialize in Tokenization and Encryption from both the Acquirer and Issuer perspective. His team is also tasked with helping InComm retail customers with cardholder disputes/chargebacks.